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Students looking at a laptop

ASU for refugees

Photo © Marc Alan Sperber

ASU's global commitment

Arizona State University is committed to helping refugees start or continue their higher education no matter where they are in the world.

Through local and global programs, ASU meets refugees where they are to offer resources, support, tools and courses to help them prepare for and pursue higher education. This can mean helping a Syrian refugee in Jordan learn English, supporting a Congolese young person in Uganda to develop entrepreneurship skills, or guiding an Afghan nurse through recredentialing in Arizona. ASU is also home for a large number of students who have had to flee their homelands and adjust to a new life in the US. Our faculty and staff and students are working together to make ASU campuses ever more sensitive to the needs of those who have have had their lives and educations disrupted by conflict. Through research, collaboration with global and local partners, and through outreach, ASU is a leader in refugee education.